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18 August 2013 @ 11:36 am
I just ordered the Jetter Mars manga by Shigeto Ikehara(I'm pretty sure it's the first volume) from a site that is willing to ship to Canada. It was pretty cheap too( around $21.00 CAD plus shipping). It's just a matter of time until I can get more information on its shipping, payment and status(whether or not someone has already bought it). But I think everything will turn out okay(I don't think this manga is really high in demand).

I can't wait to get it, I've been pretty interested in getting it for a while now(I heard a number of good things about it from an online friend). I heard that most of the stories were new and that the art was really good so it's pretty easy to follow along. I can't wait to enjoy "new" Jetter Mars stories, I miss that feeling.

Pokemon Origins:

I can't help but be excited for this new Pokemon special. I predict that it won't have much character development since it's a OVA that will condense the game's events. Also, there hasn't been a lot of new anime with really good directing. But my inner child is excited to see an animated version of Pokemon that is based off the gen 1. My childhood dream of Red becoming animated came true and it's not at the expense of getting rid of Ash. Both Red and Ash fans can be happy(but knowing the Pokemon fandom, people will still complain). I'm just happy there's more variety of Pokemon anime in franchise.

I'm trying not to over-hype this in the case that this special isn't good but at the same time it's hard because I've always wanted a Pokemon Red and Green anime. Pokemon Company, you're yanking on my heart strings, aren't you?

Yeah so, the possibility of enjoying Jetter Mars material that I haven't seen yet and Pokemon Origins is making me feel nostalgic . (.w.)

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23 June 2012 @ 07:17 pm
I've volunteered at a parade in my hometown and it was pretty disorganzed. There was supposed to be a meeting but it never happened.

A lot of people weren't sure about what zones people should go in. Even the captains would go around and put people in areas that they weren't originally assigned. I had to move through three different zones mainly because the bus diver told me that she would drive by all the zones. However, the guy organizing the zones switched my team last minute(he didn't explain why at first) and I rode the bus. Then I was dropped off at that zone and I told the captain what happened, and he drove me back to my old team (he had an adorable British accent :3) but on the way there I met up with the zone organizer and he placed me in a small zone.

But luckily in that area I saw my sister's friend and she kept me company during my volunteer work, so it wasn't all bad. The parade was kind of neat though. It started later and ended shorter than originally planned though. I saw her sister's baby and he was very cute. He was asleep for most of it until near the end of the parade.

The oddest thing was that bus driver was the same bus driver I had in high school. Yes, the same that kept getting into car accidents . It's like some crazy comedic freak coincidence or something. At least nothing really bad happened and the people were friendly. It was disorganized but it could have been much worse.

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So I've practiced driving with my sister and I'm actually getting more confident with driving. After driving in a crazier area, I can handle driving in my hometown now. I still need more practice but I feel better about it.

I've signed up to do some volunteer work for an event in my hometown. It will help me be more employable for the type of jobs that I want to be hired in. It also gives me something to do.

Me and my sister played more Donky Kong Returns and the forest level was super fun. I loved swinging on vines and jumping on mushrooms. The backgrounds on that stage were amazing. Me and my sis are at the dinosaur level right now and it's not so bad(expect for the cart stage). The falling rock level was confusing, but we made it.

I found a Full Metal Alchemist Tumblr and I wonder if I should follow it. The low amount of Full Metal Alchemist on my tumblr is sad, especially if you compare it to some of the other things I have on my Tumblr. Full Metal Alchemist doesn't even have a page long of pictures while Pokemon has above 10 pages and Jetter Mars and Captian Harlock have 6 pages. I was a big Full Metal Fan back in the day, it's a little disheartening that I don't really show much enthusiasm anymore(it's still an amazing anime/manga). Maybe it's because of my disapointment concerning Brotherhood. I actually never saw Sceret Star of Milos either.

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So the despite the smallness that is the Tezuka fandom,
I'm going to celebrate Rock Day. It's pretty much a celebration of the Rock character and they celebrate it on June 9th. It's kind of the first time I've heard of this day(I wonder if there are other character days) despite being a Tezuka fan for four years. So I drew this horrible MS Paint picture of him because I barely have pictures of him saved on my computer(one from Metropolis to be exact).

Behold my dumb sense of humorCollapse )

Job hunting is so stressful but I have to have enough money to support my schooling(so I won't have so many debts). But there is still hope, as long as there are libraries, museums and archives in my town and neighboring cities. Someone should at least want me ;-;. At least I'm not alone with this issue, a lot of people I know personally have similar problems with job finding. The economy(at least where I'm from) still sucks D:. I won't give up though >:<

Me and my sister are having trouble in this one Donkey Kong Returns level. It's like this: DK and Diddy go into a pirate ship and we are trying to find their way to the next room but a bunch of cannons are shooting at us. It's hard to find your way when you're getting constantly shot at. How many innocent lives have to be wasted just to get Donkey Kong's bananas? Is it worth it, DK?

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Thank you to all my family, friends and online friends that wished me a happy birthday! I had a fun birthday.

Me and my family went out to eat sushi at a place in Niagara Falls called Sushi Jade. It was so good! White dragon rolls and yam rolls are still my favourites. But the Jade special is climbing up the ranks. We were able to bring some home with us since there wasn't a lot left. I love eating sushi... it's too bad that it's so expensive but I guess that what makes it special.

My sister wanted to make a cake for me(she loves baking) but it became a mess. Luckily she bought a cake for plan B and that cake was tasty. But she did turn that messy cake into cake balls. Me and my sisters called it the Tetsuro cake because it was brown and messy(like his hair) and a little bit smushed like his face(I still think you're a cool kid, Tetsuro).

My oldest sister also got me Donkey Kong Country Returns and it's really fun so far. I play it with my not-oldest-but-older sister(she plays Diddy) and we made it though the first level and second level. The flying controls were hard to get used to because I was thinking that it was like Star Fox 64 controls(like up is down and down is up) but me and my sister kept crashing. D: But evenually we got the hang of it. But every stage was filled with some new horrifying obstacle which caused me and my sister to scream endlessly.

Galaxy Express 999 (which my older sister gave me)came in the mail yesterday and I gave it a second viewing. Even if this is my second time watching the flim, it still impressed me. The cinematography still shocked me in some scenes. Because Galaxy Express 999 did start out as a manga(it was also a Tv series)some parts did feel like they could have made solid stand alone eposides. The movie started off a bit slow and Prometheum weakness was a bit hard to wrap your head around. But overall it was a fun adventure that was both a personal growth story, a tale about appreciating human nature and a road trip all in one movie. I heard that Galaxy Express 999 had a game on the DS(it resembles the manga and TV show verison more) but some parts of the movie could make a very good game. But sadly most licenced games are pretty weak though.

One thing I noticed about E3 is that everyone seems to treat the spokespeople(Reggie, Miyamoto and Iwata) as mascots. I might suggest they act more like mascots than Mario himself. It's better than boring spokespeople but Mario is Nintendo's mascot, not the Regginator. I know the people in the company are important because they make and market the games people are buying, but it's a bit troublesome for Nintendo when these spokespeople are more hyped than the games themselves. Afterall, Nintendo is a video game company and the games are the reason why people like Nintendo. I can't blame people for doing this because, although they have some good upcoming titles, I don't think there are enough games that makes the Wii U and 3DS an instant buy(at least not yet). I think these new consoles needs a new kind of game that really gets peoples' attention. For me, I could wait to buy the 3DS and the WiiU.

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04 June 2012 @ 07:23 pm
I found this poster that has all the beta names of the Kanto Pokémon.


Some of the beta names are the same ones we know and love today. However, some of them are...different. I'm glad they changed some of them because they aren't very creative. Calling Omanyte "Ess" and Omastar "Kargo" is killing me. Koffing and Weezing were going to be "NY" and "AL," which was a reference to New York and Los Angeles. That's pretty harsh, Nintendo of America. And Vuplix as "Foxfire" is just....I don't even know.

But the interesting thing is that Jigglypuff's name was going to be Pudding, just like how its Japanese name Purin means Pudding too.

Aside from that, E3 is coming around and there has been quite a bit of traffic on Twitter. For me, E3 usually is embarrassing, boring, or generates some sort of backlash. This year’s E3 doesn't seem to be any different.

Nintendo's E3 conference was alright. It was just Iwata talking about the Wii U and a cheesy commercial that shows Nintendo still doesn't understand the youth of today. I do think it's neat that Nintendo wants to improve their internet connection because it could have loads of potential if the developers are creative with it. If Nintendo showed more games I would have been more excited, but it's an improvement from last year's E3. At least we know more about the Wii U.

Tomb Raider Crossroads is such a bad direction for Tomb Raider. It just...take a look if you want to because I don't think I have to explain it: http://youtu.be/ol_-QGlwRqc

Thank goodness it's getting backlash in places like Twitter for being horrible. I hope that they either change it during development (sadly, I doubt that will happen) or it gets the same kind of backlash that Other M had with both fans and non-fans. It kind of has a similar set up as Other M, since this game is trying explain the main character's past. But I think this is worse because at least Other M's trailer wasn't so horrible...This trailer is really uncomfortable and I don't think taking the horror direction (if you can call it that) is a good choice for Tomb Raider (understatement), especially if sexual harassment is involed. People on the internet will probably start making blog posts, videos, etc about this game and the blacklash for months.

It might be a good thing that Pokemon BW2 is the only upcoming game I care about.

In Microsoft’s conference, Microsoft played it pretty safe, probably because of their embarrassing conference like last year. But damn, it was pretty boring.

My birthday is tomorrow. I don't feel like I'm getting older, though. I'm going to watch FMA with my sister because it reminds me of the good old times.

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I'm feeling much better than I have been in weeks probably because I finished a few things that need to be done. There still things I need to acomplish but I feel more confident now. Since school's out of the way for awhile, I'm thinking of visting my old friends some times.

Also Pokemon Black and White 2 is coming out in Japan soon. I saw the anime trailer. It has some anime cliches and I wouldn't say it's a animated masterpiece but I appricate Game Freak for putting out commercial like this. It's pretty cool. I would of been all over this trailer if it came out when I was a young anime fan. Seeing that trailer reminds me that there should be more specials/OVAs that are close to the games(like Legend of Thunder). The anime could keep Ash if that's what they want but some OVAs would be nice to. It would provide more variety and I think a lot of older fans would enjoy it as well. The only thing I worried about is that the future Pokemon games would be caught up in cheesey, anime-cliche filled plots. But it's cool to see Game Freak(even the Pokemon series as a whole) take more risks.

I'm plaining to pick Snivy as my starter for Black and White 2. I already used Tepig for Pokemon White. But I going to miss Tepig though. My Emboar was such a great Pokemon and he was useful thoughout the game. But I'm ready to give Snivy a go and I might use Arcanine as my fire type.

I have some progess done for my Ozma review but I have troubles writing it because I'm already forgeting this series aready. Also I'm not looking forward to watching eposide 6. DX

I'm getting a nostalgic over Full Metal Alchemist. I watched eposide 16 with my sister and although it was a breather eposide, there so much great character interaction between Edward, Armstrong, Maes Hughes and the Old Man. It has a great message about how soilders are affected by the war emotionally and that the situation is not black and white. This epoisde was perfectly placed after the Scar fight and the eposide when Ed and Al went back to Winry's place. The series also has amazing music which sets up the atmosphere prefectly. It's really fun to watch Full Metal Alchmist now that I'm older, it's still great even to this day.
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25 March 2012 @ 11:39 pm
I've left livejournal for a year, but I'm back. I know I lost touch with people but I do want to write down my experiences in the last year, even if a lot of people left. Here's what's been happening:

Real life:

Rented an apartment with my sisters so we live closer to the school. Living on our own is costly but I've learned a lot.

Unversity kind of sucks. I'm trying to change my major form Computer Business to History. It's such a long process and I'll propably going to be at school longer. I also hate the fact that I'll be in massive debt. But I'm more comfortable in History anyways. I did start to love history during highschool.

University work loads are stressful; sometimes I just want to get things done but I feel inscure whether or not I'm good enough. But then again, its has been a bumpy year. Me and my sisters had to adjust to a lot of changes and it was diffcult. I'm kind of feeling a bit upset recently and I'm sorry to anyone if I come off as overly negative recently.

I planning to get a job in one of the regional parks. It would be great because I'm becoming a history major and I need more money. They're also willing to take students...

Also I need my G2. I haven't had the time to get it last year.

I miss a lot of my highschool friends. A lot of friends went thier sperate ways. I do keep in touch with some of them. We arrange get togethers after mid-terms, brithday parties and finals. However, there some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I really want to see them agian because they were great people to spend time with... I do have a friend that I talk to more often because we both live in the same city.


Joined Tumblr and it was addicting for awhile. At first I was exicted to share pictures, animation storyboards, merchandise and video game music ect. I still do those things but I don't really plan what I want to post. So I've been re-bloging a lot recently. This might be because of school and I'm losing passion for my tumblr account.

I really dislike the lack of communication. At times Tumblr more like a mix between pixv, petition sites, and the meme database and it doesn't feel like a blogging site. Most people I follow I know little about and the people who follow me know little about me. It's not a good blogging site like LJ or Blogger. It's gone to the point that I've opened to a twitter in order to socialize with my online friends. But I don't think it's enough. Sometimes I do feel uncomortable tweeting and I don't know why(maybe it's shyness). I also opened a blogger account but I haven't posted anything yet, but I have some ideas.

Fell in love with Garzey's Wing because it's so bad.

Oh yeah, surpising I'm watching a bit more anime than usual. Recently, Jetter Mars has been subbed. Although I've already watched the entire series before, this is the first time I'm watching English subs with Japanese audio. It's seems like not every eposide is subbed though. There will be 3 epoisdes subtitled then a 3 or 4 so more that are raws of the Japanese version. It's nice to see it with subs though as well as watching the series with in Japanese voices. Not to say that the dubs were terrible(most of the dubs did not have a lot of cuts) but some of the voice acting in the dubs did not fit with the characters (why was Mars voiced by a grown man in the Spanish dub?)The show so far is very fun, it has great pacing, directing and script and the characters are pretty cute. It's a soild show overall. I might go to more detail in a later post.

I also been watching Ozma, and unlike Jetter Mars, it's not good so far. I'm only two eposides in but I'm not impressed. It's wierd because both have a old school feel(well Mars is actaully an old anime while Ozma is trying to recapture the feeling of older anime) but there's a big qualilty gap between them. This kind of disproves the whole, "Ozma would have done better if it was done 30 years ago". This statement suggests that all anime in the past was directed like this. There were both good and bad anime that were made in the past and I don't think this is a good reason to explain why Ozma is the way it is. That being said, I don't think that Ozma would be considered to be an amazing anime back then because there were better animes being made at that time. I did not have high expectations for Ozma but it's still dispointing because there is just not that many things going for it. I'll go though it in more detail in a later post.

Edit: I wrote this awhile ago
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22 May 2011 @ 11:33 pm
Defeated Thorton for the first time on my first run in. I'm so happy. :)
I was surrpised how good Torcoal was, I'm glad that I did not replace him.

It was a beautful day for the end of the world. (a.k.a May 21th) I went to my friends house and was greeted by her pet dogs. She lives out in the country at the middle of nowhere. It was very nice and peaceful. Her cat was very trusting. She would let anyone pet her babies even though they were only three days old.

After that, me and my sisters went to the Dairy Queen and ate some ice cream. We talked about the Nostalgia Critic's commericals reviews and how strange some of the products where. I feel bad for any kid who fell for the Spring Bunny hotline but the hotline probably didn't have any business anyways.

I also found this tumbler blog about QUAILITY ANIMATION:http://fuckyeahqualityanimation.tumblr.com/

I'm thinking of submiting something there one of these days. The xxxHolic ones are the best.

Oh yeah I have a new tumblr account: http://bobojungle.tumblr.com/
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26 January 2011 @ 08:16 pm
Exams next week, already wrote a portion of my history exam today. Tomorrow is the last day of Semister 1; time goes by so fast.

Moving on, Shonen Sunday is publishing Pokemon's first Shonen Manga (Pokemon Adventures is technally a Kodomo arcording to offical sources) and the charaters designs look like this:

Pokemon Shonen

The designs are very geneic Shonen fare, however, I can't say much about it since it's not out yet. Alot of the Pokemon manga community is quite excited for this though, since it's Pokemon's first Shonen manga and they assume it will be darker but who knows.
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