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23 June 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Sunburt Confusion  
I've volunteered at a parade in my hometown and it was pretty disorganzed. There was supposed to be a meeting but it never happened.

A lot of people weren't sure about what zones people should go in. Even the captains would go around and put people in areas that they weren't originally assigned. I had to move through three different zones mainly because the bus diver told me that she would drive by all the zones. However, the guy organizing the zones switched my team last minute(he didn't explain why at first) and I rode the bus. Then I was dropped off at that zone and I told the captain what happened, and he drove me back to my old team (he had an adorable British accent :3) but on the way there I met up with the zone organizer and he placed me in a small zone.

But luckily in that area I saw my sister's friend and she kept me company during my volunteer work, so it wasn't all bad. The parade was kind of neat though. It started later and ended shorter than originally planned though. I saw her sister's baby and he was very cute. He was asleep for most of it until near the end of the parade.

The oddest thing was that bus driver was the same bus driver I had in high school. Yes, the same that kept getting into car accidents . It's like some crazy comedic freak coincidence or something. At least nothing really bad happened and the people were friendly. It was disorganized but it could have been much worse.

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