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07 June 2012 @ 09:48 pm
Space trains, Sushi, Donkey Kong madness and more E3  
Thank you to all my family, friends and online friends that wished me a happy birthday! I had a fun birthday.

Me and my family went out to eat sushi at a place in Niagara Falls called Sushi Jade. It was so good! White dragon rolls and yam rolls are still my favourites. But the Jade special is climbing up the ranks. We were able to bring some home with us since there wasn't a lot left. I love eating sushi... it's too bad that it's so expensive but I guess that what makes it special.

My sister wanted to make a cake for me(she loves baking) but it became a mess. Luckily she bought a cake for plan B and that cake was tasty. But she did turn that messy cake into cake balls. Me and my sisters called it the Tetsuro cake because it was brown and messy(like his hair) and a little bit smushed like his face(I still think you're a cool kid, Tetsuro).

My oldest sister also got me Donkey Kong Country Returns and it's really fun so far. I play it with my not-oldest-but-older sister(she plays Diddy) and we made it though the first level and second level. The flying controls were hard to get used to because I was thinking that it was like Star Fox 64 controls(like up is down and down is up) but me and my sister kept crashing. D: But evenually we got the hang of it. But every stage was filled with some new horrifying obstacle which caused me and my sister to scream endlessly.

Galaxy Express 999 (which my older sister gave me)came in the mail yesterday and I gave it a second viewing. Even if this is my second time watching the flim, it still impressed me. The cinematography still shocked me in some scenes. Because Galaxy Express 999 did start out as a manga(it was also a Tv series)some parts did feel like they could have made solid stand alone eposides. The movie started off a bit slow and Prometheum weakness was a bit hard to wrap your head around. But overall it was a fun adventure that was both a personal growth story, a tale about appreciating human nature and a road trip all in one movie. I heard that Galaxy Express 999 had a game on the DS(it resembles the manga and TV show verison more) but some parts of the movie could make a very good game. But sadly most licenced games are pretty weak though.

One thing I noticed about E3 is that everyone seems to treat the spokespeople(Reggie, Miyamoto and Iwata) as mascots. I might suggest they act more like mascots than Mario himself. It's better than boring spokespeople but Mario is Nintendo's mascot, not the Regginator. I know the people in the company are important because they make and market the games people are buying, but it's a bit troublesome for Nintendo when these spokespeople are more hyped than the games themselves. Afterall, Nintendo is a video game company and the games are the reason why people like Nintendo. I can't blame people for doing this because, although they have some good upcoming titles, I don't think there are enough games that makes the Wii U and 3DS an instant buy(at least not yet). I think these new consoles needs a new kind of game that really gets peoples' attention. For me, I could wait to buy the 3DS and the WiiU.

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