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18 May 2012 @ 07:08 pm
How can I save this Deerling if I can't even help myself...  
I'm feeling much better than I have been in weeks probably because I finished a few things that need to be done. There still things I need to acomplish but I feel more confident now. Since school's out of the way for awhile, I'm thinking of visting my old friends some times.

Also Pokemon Black and White 2 is coming out in Japan soon. I saw the anime trailer. It has some anime cliches and I wouldn't say it's a animated masterpiece but I appricate Game Freak for putting out commercial like this. It's pretty cool. I would of been all over this trailer if it came out when I was a young anime fan. Seeing that trailer reminds me that there should be more specials/OVAs that are close to the games(like Legend of Thunder). The anime could keep Ash if that's what they want but some OVAs would be nice to. It would provide more variety and I think a lot of older fans would enjoy it as well. The only thing I worried about is that the future Pokemon games would be caught up in cheesey, anime-cliche filled plots. But it's cool to see Game Freak(even the Pokemon series as a whole) take more risks.

I'm plaining to pick Snivy as my starter for Black and White 2. I already used Tepig for Pokemon White. But I going to miss Tepig though. My Emboar was such a great Pokemon and he was useful thoughout the game. But I'm ready to give Snivy a go and I might use Arcanine as my fire type.

I have some progess done for my Ozma review but I have troubles writing it because I'm already forgeting this series aready. Also I'm not looking forward to watching eposide 6. DX

I'm getting a nostalgic over Full Metal Alchemist. I watched eposide 16 with my sister and although it was a breather eposide, there so much great character interaction between Edward, Armstrong, Maes Hughes and the Old Man. It has a great message about how soilders are affected by the war emotionally and that the situation is not black and white. This epoisde was perfectly placed after the Scar fight and the eposide when Ed and Al went back to Winry's place. The series also has amazing music which sets up the atmosphere prefectly. It's really fun to watch Full Metal Alchmist now that I'm older, it's still great even to this day.
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