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25 March 2012 @ 11:39 pm
I'm back  
I've left livejournal for a year, but I'm back. I know I lost touch with people but I do want to write down my experiences in the last year, even if a lot of people left. Here's what's been happening:

Real life:

Rented an apartment with my sisters so we live closer to the school. Living on our own is costly but I've learned a lot.

Unversity kind of sucks. I'm trying to change my major form Computer Business to History. It's such a long process and I'll propably going to be at school longer. I also hate the fact that I'll be in massive debt. But I'm more comfortable in History anyways. I did start to love history during highschool.

University work loads are stressful; sometimes I just want to get things done but I feel inscure whether or not I'm good enough. But then again, its has been a bumpy year. Me and my sisters had to adjust to a lot of changes and it was diffcult. I'm kind of feeling a bit upset recently and I'm sorry to anyone if I come off as overly negative recently.

I planning to get a job in one of the regional parks. It would be great because I'm becoming a history major and I need more money. They're also willing to take students...

Also I need my G2. I haven't had the time to get it last year.

I miss a lot of my highschool friends. A lot of friends went thier sperate ways. I do keep in touch with some of them. We arrange get togethers after mid-terms, brithday parties and finals. However, there some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I really want to see them agian because they were great people to spend time with... I do have a friend that I talk to more often because we both live in the same city.


Joined Tumblr and it was addicting for awhile. At first I was exicted to share pictures, animation storyboards, merchandise and video game music ect. I still do those things but I don't really plan what I want to post. So I've been re-bloging a lot recently. This might be because of school and I'm losing passion for my tumblr account.

I really dislike the lack of communication. At times Tumblr more like a mix between pixv, petition sites, and the meme database and it doesn't feel like a blogging site. Most people I follow I know little about and the people who follow me know little about me. It's not a good blogging site like LJ or Blogger. It's gone to the point that I've opened to a twitter in order to socialize with my online friends. But I don't think it's enough. Sometimes I do feel uncomortable tweeting and I don't know why(maybe it's shyness). I also opened a blogger account but I haven't posted anything yet, but I have some ideas.

Fell in love with Garzey's Wing because it's so bad.

Oh yeah, surpising I'm watching a bit more anime than usual. Recently, Jetter Mars has been subbed. Although I've already watched the entire series before, this is the first time I'm watching English subs with Japanese audio. It's seems like not every eposide is subbed though. There will be 3 epoisdes subtitled then a 3 or 4 so more that are raws of the Japanese version. It's nice to see it with subs though as well as watching the series with in Japanese voices. Not to say that the dubs were terrible(most of the dubs did not have a lot of cuts) but some of the voice acting in the dubs did not fit with the characters (why was Mars voiced by a grown man in the Spanish dub?)The show so far is very fun, it has great pacing, directing and script and the characters are pretty cute. It's a soild show overall. I might go to more detail in a later post.

I also been watching Ozma, and unlike Jetter Mars, it's not good so far. I'm only two eposides in but I'm not impressed. It's wierd because both have a old school feel(well Mars is actaully an old anime while Ozma is trying to recapture the feeling of older anime) but there's a big qualilty gap between them. This kind of disproves the whole, "Ozma would have done better if it was done 30 years ago". This statement suggests that all anime in the past was directed like this. There were both good and bad anime that were made in the past and I don't think this is a good reason to explain why Ozma is the way it is. That being said, I don't think that Ozma would be considered to be an amazing anime back then because there were better animes being made at that time. I did not have high expectations for Ozma but it's still dispointing because there is just not that many things going for it. I'll go though it in more detail in a later post.

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