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01 January 2011 @ 04:27 pm
Christmas Break!  
The last day of school was quite a day. I got a Torchic and a Chimchar egg from my friend and I hatched them. I felt bad when I deposited them, especially the Torchic because it kept hugging me :(. I very thankful for these trades my friends made with me; they also helped evolve my Haunter(in my monotype Blue team).

We also had a "variety show" which is kinda of like a talent show only there was no winner. They also showed footage of well known chirstmas movies during the intermission. However, there was not much variety in the performances. There was mostly singing and dancing. I noticed that most of songs were techo rap remixes of Chirstmas songs. I know that this was a Chirstmas variety show but techo rap and Chirstmas songs are quite the strange combination if you ever have the chance to hear it. My favorite one was the first act because one of the guys in a boy band accidentally sild off the stage into the orchestra pit. XD

This is my progress of my Pokemon Black Team so far:

Bobo the second

I got 6 badges and I made it out of Mt. Neji. It was hard to find my way near the end of Mt. Neji because the snow(It's winter in my file now) allowed me to go to any area on mountain. However, I made it out and I'm currently in Sekka City.

My poison monotype team is doing fine, but I don't feel like writing about it in this entry 'cause I'm lazy.
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